Damyan Todorov

We are on the verge of a new era – technologies are overtaking our personal life and challenging the perception of reality.

Recognizing myself as an early-adopter of technologies and a fierce supporter of tech progress I am quite aware of the ongoing clash between modern technologies and law. This blurred intersection is my particular field of interdisciplinary research and practicе that I am devoted to.


I have successfully completed LLM Law & Technology at Tilburg University after previosly obtained a “Master of Laws” degree from the University of Sofia ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’.

Read my Master’s thesis article:

To What Extent Can People be Ordered to be Enhanced with Artificial Limbs and Muscles?

Currently specializing in Civil law, Administrative law, Privacy and data protection, GDPR implementation and complaince, Copyright law, ICT law.

Experienced in E-commerce & Internet liability, Human enhancement technologies, ICT Contract law, Cybercrimes, EU, Intellectual property law, Criminal law.

Non-legal areas of experience: SEO, Internet marketing, IT, E-commerce, Cloud computing.

Drop me a line whenever you feel intrigued in any piece of emerging technology or/and the corresponding legal regulations.